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International Brands
We are exclusive importers of famous brands from 15+ countries,
including the United States, France, Germany, and Japan,
which establish a brand portfolio that covers a wide range of categories and age groups.
(주)그레이스는 15개 국 이상의 글로벌 브랜드를 국내 독점 수입 및 유통하며
다양하고 경쟁력 있는 브랜드 포트폴리오를 보유하고 있습니다.
Personal Care
  • USA, Body Care
    Body Fantasies
    Body Fantasies is sold in 60 countries around the world, mainly in the United States and
    Japan, and is ranked No. 1 in the US parfum body care market share.
    With a long-lasting fragrance and a variety of product lineups, you can enjoy a gentle
    fragrance all day long. BF has made it’s mark in Korea as one of the top Bodycare brands in
    the H&B landscape.
    ACNielsen Research Women's Mass Fragrance Division All Channels Summarized for 52 weeks
    until 2021/05/22
  • France, Baby Care
    Mustela is a French No.1* baby skincare brand. With over 65 years of know-how for infants
    and mothers' skin, and innovative product development, Mustela nurtures healthy skin for
    infants, mothers and mothers around the world.
    IQVIA - PharmaOne Pharmatrend & Paratrend - (France, Portugal, Spain)
    Baby Care Market Category (Pharmacy) 2021 Sales Share MAT
  • France, Total beauty Care
    Yves Rocher
    Founded in 1959, the Roche Group's No. 1 total beauty brand in France is leading the natural
    care trend worldwide based on ingredients extracted from various plants.
    No. 1 beauty brand in France is based on Kantar group for 2021
    Yves Rocher was voted favorite brand ccording to Posternak- ifop Barometer in 2012
  • USA. Feminine Care
    Summer’s Eve
    Summer's Eve is a 40-year-old brand specializing in feminine care and has been the No. 1* in
    the United States for many years. It is a hypoallergenic formula that has been clinically tested
    in the US Gynecology Dermatology Stability and can be used safely on sensitive and precious
    female body.
    IRI DATA 52 weeks of data from 2020/01/25-2021/01/24 to major outlets for women's cleansing in the US
  • Germany, Skin care
    The German skin care brand, Herbacin, has been created from nature for more than 100
    years. It is a brand that conveys moisture from nature to consumers in over 40 countries
    around the world for a long period of time with a commitment to good raw materials and
    Germany's unique craftsmanship.
  • USA, Body Care
    Dr Teal’s
    Dr Teal's is a body care brand that contains magnesium sulfate called Epsom Salt, and is
    leading the Epsom Salt boom by leading the bath/shower category by ranking first in the US
    Total Bath Care category.
    AC Nielsen Research Scented Epsom Salt/Bath Product and Bath care Brand Category Outlet
    Total 52 weeks until 2021/05/22
  • New Zealand, Skin care
    Trilogy is a New Zealand no.1* skin care brand that uses vegetable oils derived from rose fruits
    grown in Chile and Lesotho mountainous regions. It has the greatest effect on the skin and
    minimal impact on nature, maximizing organic products that benefit the skin.
    IRI DATA New Zealand's facial skin care sector nationwide pharmacy combined sales volume 52 weeks until 2021/02/05
  • USA, Beauty Tool
    Beauty Blender
    This beauty tool brand was created by Hollywood star makeup artist Rea Ann Silva and has
    been awarded the 8th Allure Beauty Awards Winner in the United States and is a Sephora hot
    item in the Globally. In addition to the original beauty blender, Beauty Blender produces
    various sizes of makeup sponges and cleansers that help professional makeup artists.
  • France, Facial Care
    Evian Facial Spray, a mineral balance from the French Alps, is a 100% mineral water rich in
    calcium ions for hydrated skin. During the daily skin care phase, spray it anytime you feel dry.
    It provides healthy moisture for the skin's natural beauty.
  • Japan, Fragrance
    Lair De Savon
    ‘Lair De Savon’ is a clean fragrance brand that resembles a clear summer day.
    The bottle, which recreates the shape of the soap, is transparent and shiny as if it were in the
    Mediterranean sun.
  • Japan, Facial Care
    DetClear is a peeling specialty brand of [Momotani Juntenkan] in Japan with a tradition of over
    100 years, and has been loved by more than 15 million in Japan since its launch.
  • Japan, Foot Care
    Baby Foot
    Babyfoot is a 20-year-old Japanese foot care brand. Baby Foot's foot peeling packs are sold
    one every 3 seconds* and is loved in 50 countries around the world.
    Total sales of all Babyfoot brand line products based on Japanese company Liberta's aggregation (2005.01.01~2017.02.31)
  • USA, Hair Bleach
    Jolen is the #1 bleaching brand that is sold in the United States – selling 1 every 10 seconds**.
    Effective and safe, it minimizes hair damage, enabling safe and easy self-discoloration, and
    clean discoloration without staining.
    IRI DATA U.S. Bleach Database part 52 channels total sales until 2017/02/19 data

    Based on U.S. Jolen International Inc.'s total shipments until March 31, 2017
  • Sweden, Lifestyle / Fragrance Body care
    Tangent GC
    Ever since Tangent GC set out in 2012 sustainability has been central to us.
    Our products are natural and organic, and they have been from the outset.
    The natural aspect was important, not only in order to avoid harmful chemicals,
    but as a means to raise the overall product quality.
    We have applied the same strict rules when formulating new products
    and adding them to our range.
  • New Zealand, Personal care
    In 2012, the first Ethique was made as an alternative to the 80 billion plastic shampoo
    and conditioner bottles thrown out globally every year.
    Our ingredients remain: cruelty free and vegan, palm oil free, ethically and fairly sourced.
  • Japan, Facial Care
    Saborino Morning Facial Sheet Mask has been a hit since 2015's launch.
    winning 100 "best cosmetic" awards that resulted in more than 700 million
    sheets sold to date. This popular Japan sheet mask is a local and global favorite.
    BCL Sell-out data (Period: 2015.4-2022.6)
Living & Lifestyle
  • France, Living
    With a 100-year French tradition, the traditional cleanser originated
    in the small town of Codarmo in northern France in 1919.
    Not only famous celebrities, but Briochin is the first ecocert certified detergent brand in Korea.
    A hot topic on SNS, known as the Cheongdam detergent, we are a French luxury detergent that boasts excellent cleaning power and safe ingredients.
  • USA, Dental Care
    As the world's No. 1 dental supplies manufacturer, Ranir developed the first dental floss 40
    years ago. It holds more than 20 dental floss patents and is the leader in oral care.
    We develop high quality products to improve personal oral health and hygiene,
    including the #1 flosser brand in the USA, Plackers.
    Nielsen Data Flosser category Sales 10/03/2020 for 40 weeks
  • UK, Shoe Care
    Crep Protect
    Launched in London, UK in 2012,'Shoe Care Specialty Brand’, Crep Protect, gathers experts
    from various fields to show clean fashion technology to make products that keep sneakers the
    cleanest. Various shoe cleaner products such as waterproof shoes for shoes are gaining
    popularity overseas.
  • Germany, Vision Care
    Carl Zeiss
    ZEISS, a German company specialized in 170-year-old global optics, is a group of innovative
    and advanced optical technologies such as microscopes and industrial measurement
    technology, high-performance lenses for microchip manufacturing, and surgical microscopes.
    Among various business groups, Vision Care's products are operated, and ZEISS' products
    that lead the world's eyewear/camera lens industry provide excellent optical quality to users.
  • USA, Dental/Personal care
    Firefly is the #1 kids’ toothbrush brand* in America, we are a national leader in
    kids oral care known for having GOOD. CLEAN. FUN.
    Firefly is the inventor of the #1 selling Light-Up Timer Toothbrush
  • Sweden, Oral Care
    Selahatin is introducing the future of oral luxury. With a series of whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes and oral sprays the brand has the ambition to elevate the emotional experiences of everyday ceremonies.
Health Functional Supplements
  • Sweden, Health Supplement
    Headquartered in Sweden, it is a leading company that has researched and developed
    “Probiotics” for about 30 years. It is sold through approximately 80 local distribution partners in
    100 countries around the world and has a wide variety of lactic acid bacteria products for
    babies, children and adults.
  • USA, Health Supplement
    Little Remedies
    The sounds of laughter, sneezing, wheezing, crying of babies are all precious to us.
    Little Remedies reflects the minds of these attentive mothers to develop safe and reliable
    products to help babies grow healthy, such as cough, cold, digestion, and fever.
  • Canada, Health Supplement
    Ddrops is the #1 baby vitamin & supplement brand in Canada*.
    Over 15 years in-market experience and the fastest-growing baby vitamin D brand
    Canadian Vitamin D State L52wks Jan 25, 2021, Nielsen Data, Closed group
  • Germany, Health Supplement
    Abtei is a top brand for over 120 years of brand heritage.
    Abtei gives inspiration for greater well-being. and empowers people to engage and
    make the best decision for thier health while supporting them to get well, stay healthy and feel well
  • France, Health Supplement
    ARKOROYAL® is the 100% natural immunity enhancing brand with pure organic & sustainable Royal jelly, with proven efficacy to resist against winter infections and reinforce energy.
  • Germany, Health Supplement
    IVYBEARS® are the new generation of beauty vitamins designed to support a healthy and vitamin-rich diet in stressful everyday life and simply 
make you even more beautiful. The fruity gummy bears provide delicious vitamin fun. Simply BEAUTIFUL snacking!
  • France, Beauty Supplement
    Forcapil is #1 Food supplements brand for Natural beauty(Hair & Skin Nutricosmetics)* in France, with the most complete formulations based on high dosages of sulphurated amino acids to fortify, beautify & strengthen hair & nails, with proven effects.
    GERS - SOG Early France - Pharmacy chaanel - Family health and Dermo-cosmetics market defined by Arkophama Laboratories - Health food supplements category - Capillary and Skin appendages BCB promesses Level 2. Date MAT January 2023 in Value.
  • Germany, Diet shakes
    The Yokebe shakes from Germany are a meal replacement made from high-quality protein sources and all important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Replacing two of your daily main meals with a Yokebe shake each contributes to weight loss as part of a low-calorie diet.
Health Care
  • USA, Foot Care
    The Dr. Scholl’s® brand has been synonymous with foot care for more than 115 years
    and remains the most trusted brand in foot care. Dr. Scholl’s® insoles are clinically proven
    to provide comfort, reduce fatigue and help relieve and prevent lower body pains caused
    by being on your feet.
  • USA, Orthopedic Products
    LP Support
    LP is a sports medical brand used in over 60 countries around the world. With the best
    technology and reputation, for the past 28 years, we have developed and produced
    high-quality sports medicine products and fitness products that can respond to changes in
    businesses and markets.
  • USA, Orthopedic Products
    OPPO boasts the broadest product line of functional, medical and rehabilitation protectors.
    We are advancing as a leader in orthopedic/rehabilitation medicine with innovative designs,
    raw materials, and quality excellence that exceeds customer expectations.
  • USA, Foot Care
    Therastep is a brand that specializes in hand and foot care products, and has excellent
    cushioning and protection functions, helping to reduce discomfort from the feet.
    It effectively reduces the impact and friction on the foot and helps make walking more comfortable.
    The brand boasts soft and breathable material, lightweight and comfortable.
  • Japan, Sexual Wellness
    Sagami is a brand that manufactures the highest quality condoms based on 90 years of
    technology integrated into rubber products.
    We first researched/developed polyurethane condoms 30 years ago,
    and now there are about 100 exporting countries.
    The Sagami brand complies with the global standard ISO to deliver safe products to customers,
    and Sagami Rubber Industry is conducting its own rigorous testing.
    Sagami executives and employees aim for a safe and healthy sex life for customers
    and continue to conduct quality research and development.